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Notes from the Chair

Friday, August 4, 2017

Notes from the Chair

I realize the newsletter and my regular emails have been rather few and far between the past few months. Let’s just chalk that up to summer relaxation! There has been a lot going on around us locally and, of course, nationally the rhetoric never stops. Much thanks goes to all of you who have participated in contacting your Congressman and Senators about the Affordable Care Act and other issues, too! This is going to be an ongoing struggle as our President and Congressional Republicans try to figure out how to actually govern. It is foreign to both after eight years of just saying no to everything. Unfortunately for Democrats we will need to continue to resist the terrible direction they are taking our country while at the same time finding our own voice and what we stand for. I’m confident the latter will happen. I’m not very confident the current leadership will ever get its act together.

In Wisconsin, I’m feeling good about the Democratic candidates stepping forward to challenge our Governor. It is a diverse group and will garner a lot of attention throughout the primary. Senator Tammy Baldwin, a main target of the right, has strong early support, but will need our best efforts to keep her in the Senate.

This is what we have to look forward to, and I am hoping everyone will come together to do all they can to help Democrats have a successful 2018 election cycle!

Al Holle


Democratic Party of Chippewa County