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A Wisconsin Organizing Cooperative Is Coming

Friday, January 8, 2016

Citizen Action of Wisconsin Organizing Cooperative: The Idea

From Jeff Smith:

I'd like to bring my friends up to speed on what I am doing these days and ask for your help as well. 

I am building Western Wisconsin Organizing Cooperative through Citizen Action. It is a fact that all other organizations are accountable to the interests that fund them which usually means they aren't so responsive to our own needs and wants. If WE own and direct the organization then WE will be heard and so much more can get done. 

I need friends from all around Wisconsin to help us get this done during the next 50 days. If I do not get to our goal of 200 members you will not be obligated to fulfill your pledge. But I need you to pledge now to get us there. 

Watch the video below and then click on this link to pledge:

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