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Election Season Comments from the Chair

Friday, January 8, 2016

Comments from the Chair!

The 2016 Election Year has officially begun, and as the year progresses there will be much work to do with presidential caucuses, congressional district conferences, candidates and their campaigns, and all the other regular election happenings. There will be ample opportunities to get involved at whatever level you choose. Please do so! There is much at stake!

There is a sign on the lawn of a house near me that says Defeat Obama. Itís been there since 2008. I have an urge to stop and ask how thatís working for them!

The following Democratic Presidential Candidates are officially on the ballot in Wisconsin: Hillary Clinton, Martin OíMalley, and Bernie Sanders. Jeff Peck is staying active by getting on the ballot for Lafayette Town Board.

The calendar of Events is a little longer this time, but I wanted to indicate the many events coming up over the next few months. And, there will be many additions Iím sure! It is going to be a very active election year!

--Al Holle

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