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Notes from Chair Al Holle

Monday, July 6, 2015

Notes from Chair Al Holle 

The loss of Julie Stafford and Jim Peterson from our ranks made the last few weeks a bit difficult. Both were strong progressives who gave much to our local Democratic Party and to many candidates for office. Their support of our efforts here will not be forgotten. Donations were made to the Stafford Family Endowment Fund which provides various grants in Chippewa County and to the Beaver Creek Reserve, one of Jim's favorite places.

The Northern Wisconsin State Fair begins this week and as mentioned above we will once again have a booth promoting Democratic ideals. Stop by and chat with our volunteers who selflessly donate their time and efforts. 

We would like to do more regional planning with Eau Claire and Dunn County Democrats, so, if you have a chance, plan to attend the Eau Claire County Democratic Picnic on August 20th. That's a good place to start meeting progressives from other counties, as well as a chance to meet Martha Laning and Russ Feingold!

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