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January Monthly Meeting Report

Monday, January 12, 2015

Monthly Meeting Update

The snowy weather and the bitter cold prevented us from having a quorum at our monthly meeting last Thursday, so I thought I would just mention a few items we would have covered.


First thanks to a few early, rather generous donations to our 2015 Office Fund, we are almost half way to our goal, so I am confident we will be able to keep the office open without infringing on the other efforts we have.


Incidentally, we have signed a two-year contract to keep our office open at our present location.


Membership remains steady!


Our newly elected officers for 2015 - 2016 are:

         Chair:                           Al Holle

         1st Vice Chair:            Carol Gehl

         2nd Vice Chair:           Sherry Jasper

         Secretary:                    Terri Anderson

         Treasurer:                    Dawn Totzke


Dates: Put These On Your Calendar!

         April 11, 2015           Jefferson Jackson Day Dinner

         April 18, 2015            7th Congressional District Convention in Marshfield

         April 25, 2015            Eau Claire Spring Gala

         May 2, 2015               3rd Congressional District Convention in La Crosse

         June 5 - 6, 2015         DPW State Convention in Milwaukee


Our open discussion time would have been focused on What is Next?


While the elections are over, not many Democrats around the state are sitting idle, especially those of us outside the Milwaukee/Madison area. There is considerable disenchantment with the 2014 election and the State Democratic Party leadership, and considerable talk about what changes need to be made to make the Democratic Party relevant again here in Wisconsin. Regionally, Eau Claire, Chippewa, and Dunn counties are considering a number of avenues for change starting with focusing on messaging and how we can better reach our constituents. The county chairs association is exploring how local counties can have more input and more influence at the state party level. There is a lot of experience at the county party level and the goal is to tap into that experience to set the direction of the state party. Our state party chair is up for re-election in June and several others are lining up to run for the position. The election of state party officers occurs at the DPW Convention in June. To vote for State Party Officers you must be a delegate to the DPW Convention. To become a delegate you must also be a delegate from you local county party to one of the Congressional Conventions. So, it is an important year to consider being a delegate to the conventions, especially if you think a change in leadership and direction of the State Party is needed.


In the several years I have been chair, I have never experienced a desire by so many local leaders, county leaders, and even candidates to want to see major changes made at the state party level, both in leadership and the way things are done. I am excited and optimistic that change will come and look forward to participating in these changes. It is important that rural Wisconsin has a leading role in this effort. 


Keeping our office open and available for those who want to work towards that change is an important step we can take here in Chippewa County. I am a firm believer in the idea that if you really want change to occur, you have to become a part of the effort. As your county party chair, I plan to be an active participant in that change.