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A Constant Progressive Presence

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Dear Fellow Progressive:

Iíll be frank.

We need your help!

Our local Democratic Party commitment has always been to keep an office open here in Chippewa County. There is a strong need to provide a place for progressives to meet, to make sure our presence is constant, and to have a place to assist Democratic candidates at all levels of government.

However, in off election years party membership often goes down, fundraising becomes more difficult, and

donations dip. You know how it is. We have experienced all three this year.

And yet we have been working hard at reaching out to rural voters, recruiting progressive candidates, and

preparing for 2014. We have not been sitting idle!

Can you help us out today? Our goal is to raise $7500. That will keep our office open, help us recruit candidates, and prepare for election year 2014.

We all know what is at stake. Please donate to the Democratic Party of Chippewa County today!

To set up an ongoing monthly donation or a one time donation go here:

To become a member go here:

Or, fill out this form and return it to our office. 

A constant progressive presence here in Chippewa County is essential not only for 2014, but for 2016, 2018, and 2020 when new legislative districts are redrawn. Help us prepare not only for today, but for tomorrow as well!

 Thank you for your help!

 Al Holle


 Democratic Party of Chippewa County

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